What’s coming next..

What’s coming next..
November 6, 2020 Sara
In Lantana Blog
This photo of me with Mick, co founder, and brother in law, was taken at our Fitzrovia site in February when we were feeling pretty excited about the year ahead…
Fitzrovia is our baby, the first Lantana which we opened way back in September 2008, on the crest of the wave that was the global financial crisis. I remember thinking at the time, well this is good, at least it can’t get any worse. OK, so it can. It did. A lot.
One of the lessons I’ve learned in the 12 years of running Lantana is that its impossible to predict what is around the corner and fortunes can change quickly, for better, or for worse. We’ve enjoyed our share of triumphs and survived some troughs over the years. Now we face Lockdown #2 and close the doors of our three sites for another 4 weeks. It is not viable for us to do takeaway alone without dine in trade as the dominant delivery platforms take eye watering commissions. 
BUT it’s not all doom and gloom. We are expanding our online shop to include lots of delicious Lantana made products and preparing some great finish at home meal kits and Christmas hampers that will be ready to go live on 2nd December (or as soon as we can re-open our doors for dine in customers).  Watch this space for more details over the next week and get your pre-orders in for our hampers. Our dine in bookings are also open for post lockdown when we’ll all be gasping for social interaction.   
Thank you to everyone who has come and dined at Lantana or ordered delivery from us over the past few months. Your support is greatly appreciated. We can’t wait to welcome you back in early December. Stay safe. Stay sane. Stay tuned.