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Lantana Coffee
May 15, 2019 Sara
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At Lantana we take every stage of making your coffee seriously.

You don’t just stumble on a good coffee. The holy trinity is the machine, the barista and the bean. All must be at the top of their game and work with each other in peaceful union and harmony.

Our machines are the Italian Madonna’s of coffee – La Marzocco. Built to be handed down from one generation to the next, they are superbly crafted and bring smiles to the faces of baristas and coffee drinkers around the world.  

Our baristas are trained to within an inch of their life. No-one gets on the machines at Lantana until they have proven they know how to drive. We are justifiably proud of them and their reputation as being amongst the best you’ll find in London.

And last, but actually the most important element: The bean.

We roast with Alchemy for several reasons. We love the respect they have for traditional methods of roasting and sourcing. They work with farmers from around the world, predominantly in direct trade partnerships with farmers.

Every season we are working with new crops of beans sourced by Alchemy. The flavour profile we aim for is a nutty chocolatey base with some sweet berry notes. To ensure the Lantana blend is exactly how we want it, we regularly visit the roaster to ‘cup’  each component and develop the perfect coffee experience.

Right now, we have the excellent Guatemalan Red Bourbon washed from San Sebastian paired with La Avila from El Salvador. Expect notes of Blackcurrant, Praline and Dark Chocolate in this Lantana House blend.

It’s not all about espresso.

You can get your daily fix in a number of ways; 12 hour cold brew, single origin filter coffee and a variety of loose leaf teas and fresh infusions.

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