Lantana Venue & Events

We can help you to host a sensational and memorable event at one of our locations.

Nobody wants to host an event and end up feeling let down by the experience. It should be a reflection of you on your best day. Our on-site chefs and floor staff are there to make sure your event goes exactly the way you intended. We are happy to discuss menu ideas and options and can help to dress the venue to create the theme and atmosphere you are looking for.


An intimate atmosphere in Charlotte Place, Fitzrovia, for sit-down dinners up to 25 people or canapé functions and parties for 40.
020 7637 3347


An elegant, modern, casual space for sit-down dinners for up to 80 people or canapé functions and parties to 150 (or 200 in Summer).
020 7253 5273

Venue and Event Testimonials

  • "Derwent London has used Lantana to cater special launch events for a range of property developments in London. It's important that the catering complements the quality and creativity of the development. The canapes and other food have been outstanding, as has the delivery and service of the Lantana team."
    Derwent London